January 15, 2021     cib    

Women are powerful agents for change and great contributors towards the decent life of human beings, but unfortunately, especially in the global south, they are vastly underrepresented in decision-making forums for instance in politics, business, administration, judiciary, and in households. The work done with women councillors in Pakistan exposed that they are not encouraged and provided sufficient opportunities by their men peers to meaningfully contribute in council meetings. Undoubtedly, many women councillors lack knowledge, confidence, and leadership skills, therefore not being able to underpin the key challenges women are facing today and add value to the daily business of the councils.

It is therefore pertinent to organise such events and workshops where they can enhance their awareness, knowledge, and skills to overcome the difficulties they face while participating in council meetings.

LCAs have made concerted and collaborated efforts with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) and affirming support of the European Union to increase the representation of women in Local Governments in Pakistan to enhance their knowledge, to increase their skills, and develop networks.

To actively execute all the activities, it was necessary to formulate a long-term strategic plan for all provinces according to their needs and challenges.
Below you will find the list of strategic plans that have been formulated by the Women Development Committee for each region: