October 27, 2022     cib    

The latest UCLG World Council approved the Pact for the Future (Daejon, October 2022) as the political contribution of local governments to multilateralism. As the document indicates, humanity faces challenges and transformations never imagined before. Local and regional governments are committed to ensure the quality of life of citizens and to build just and inclusive societies. We can also, via our concerted action, ease necessary transformations ensuring the preservation of the planet in all its dimensions for present and future generations. The final document makes reference to decentralised cooperation and international solidarity. 

Two motions on decentralized cooperation
The references on decentralized cooperation and international solidarity were substantiated by two motions on decentralised cooperation:
- a motion on the importance of decentralised cooperation by Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council) with the support of Barcelona City Council, Bogota, Chefchaouen, Conseil Général de l’Aude, Cuenca (Equator), CUF, FAMSI, FEMP, Mexico City, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Montevideo and VNG.
- a motion on including the spirit of the  the content of the new UCLG-CIB policy paper on development cooperation of local governments and its calls to action in the Pact for the Future by VNG Internationa/CIB with the support of the FCM, National League of Local Council Cambodia, ANCB, VVSG, FSLGA, SALGA and UMT

More background on the motion from Diputació de Barcelona
The core of this motion related to acknowledge the value of decentralised cooperation in achieving the objectives of the Pact from an instrumental and strategic approach. Considering that we are moving forward in a context where decentralised cooperation evolves, it is also being questioned. Decentralised cooperation is framed within global agendas and yet but for us to have a real impact, several conditions are to be met, that is: local autonomy, resources and strengthening of local democracy. The motion complemented and reinforced the motion presented by VNG International/CIB regarding the policy document on decentralised cooperation which was also approved by the  UCLG World Council.

The Pact for the Future is attached to this news item for your reference. UCLG will also present a strategic work plan for the next years, based on the Pact for the Future.