January 27, 2023     cib    

This year's CIB annual meeting will take place on 15-17 May in Marrakech, Morocco. During the previous edition of the CIB Annual meeting in Sint-Niklaas, UCLG Africa and its African Local Government Academy, which is led by Dr. Najat Zarrouk, announced that they would love to host the upcoming edition of the Annual Meeting. The CIB leadership is delighted that for the second time since the establishment of the working group, the Annual Meeting is hosted by a country from the Global South (the meeting was hosted by SALGA and the city of Durban in 2017).

First ideas for the programme
Currently, the CIB secretariat is working on an interesting programme in collaboration with UCLG Africa and the African Local Government Academy. We can already announce that during the Annual Meeting, there will be plenty of room to exchange information and knowledge, amongst others during the traditional ‘Tour de Table’. In addition, a high-level dialogue will be organised around Decentralised Cooperation, with a special focus on the perspective from the Global South, with key note speakers from the region. Moreover, there will also be ample time for a strategic review exercise about the direction that the CIB working group should take under its new leadership and new UCLG term. On the third day we focus on creating high-impact partnerships around the newly adopted UCLG-CIB policy paper on development cooperation - together with the DeLoG-network.

A fourth day with visits to international cooperation projects (18 May)
Unlike previous years, the official programme of this year's Annual Meeting will last three days (from 15 to 17 May), in addition, an extra, fourth, day will be organised during which various projects in the region will be visited (18 May). Make sure to mark the 4 full days in your calendars - it will be worth it.

Share your ideas with the CIB secretariat!
The CIB Secretariat is looking forward to welcoming many CIB members again. Please mark the above-mentioned dates in your agenda. The official invitation will follow at the end of February. If you want to share a good idea or topic that you would like to introduce during the Annual Meeting, you can reach out to the CIB Secretariat via: uclg.cib@vng.nl.