May 10, 2021     cib    

Last week, UCLG Learning, together with PLATFORMA, organized a Training of Trainers (ToT) for three days, to thoroughly work with the content of their Learning Module 4: Localizing the SDGs through Decentralized Cooperation (DC). The CIB Secretariat also participated in the ToT. The first day centred around the question What is DC and Why is it import for the LGR Global Policy Agenda? Marlène Siméon, Director of PLATFORMA, and Sara Hoeflich, UCLG Learning director, welcomed the participants and explained the interactive program: informative lectures by several professionals on diverse topics related DC alternated with interesting exercises. The participants learnt about the evolution of decentralized cooperation and the 2030 Agenda, and put this information into practise when personalizing their own “DC bicycle”.

On the second day of the ToT, we continued with lectures on the subject of DC Practices & Policy, Project and Funding and day three focussed on SDG17 & Multi-stakeholder’s partnerships and communication, reporting and M&E. CIB’s Stan Abma got the opportunity to elaborate on the crucial importance of effective reporting. “Effective reporting is crucial to show the value of your work to your partners, the donor or beneficiaries. It also helps to see through and improve what you are doing during a project.”

Altogether, UCLG Learning and PLATFORMA organized an extremely interesting and interactive program, combining lectures, Q&As and exercises to work with the content of Learning Module 4!

Interested in the topics of SDGs and Decentralized Cooperation? Please download Module 4 here.