October 24, 2019     cib    

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Muncipal Fund is undertaking some research in the area of innovative climate financing models to inform the new phase of its work. Elena Pierce, Governance, Policy and Networks Officer at FCM, has offered to help the consultants to identify best practices from partner countries and local governments in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.





The consultants aim to pull together a shortlist of practices that address the following:

  • Cross-cutting with the ability to be applied to a broad range of asset types and community types and regions.
  • Additionality and complementarity to other financing options available to municipalities (e.g. tax revenues, service charges, debt) and ability to make municipal budgets go further.
  • Feasibility of use as a means to lever non-conventional sources of investment into municipal projects such as private sector, private investors, foundations or community/individual investors.
  • Ease of deploymentwithin existing regulatory context.
  • Proven or tested in other jurisdictions or particularly attractive in the Canadian or regional context.
  • Particularly effective and efficient for small to medium municipalities.
  • Applicable for improving the environmentalperformance of both municipal and community assets.
  • Not overly dependent on monetizing externalities that currently cannot be accounted for through direct and tangible cost savings or additional revenues.


Within your organisations and/or networks, would you know some good examples?

More info and contact: Elena Pierce, FCM (epierce@fcm.ca)