August 31, 2016     cib    

As you might know already, the UCLG committees and working groups play an active role in (the preparations for) the World Congresses of UCLG. With the UCLG Bogotá World Congress (12-15 October 2016) approaching, let us inform you about the CIB Working Group activities for this important event. 

Community Forum of Local Government Associations
UCLG and the CIB Working Group have initiated a community forum for Local Government Associations (LGAs), aimed at exchange among CEOs of LGAs present in Bogotá. The idea is to allow participants to meet their counterparts, to broaden their own network and to hear about different realities, including relations with other stakeholders, advocacy approaches, the integration of international networks into their domestic agenda, as well as to set out the priorities for the World Organization. CEOs have received invitations for this important forum in the past weeks – thanks for letting us know whether it was received and whether your CEO will attend to this exchange! (

Workshop on effective development cooperation and the GPEDC
This interactive session, organized by the DCCD Committee and CIB Working Group, will inform participants on the role of local governments in the Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation, which looks into how the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved most effectively. Also, the results of the survey on local involvement in national development strategies conducted by the CIB Working Group will be shared and discussed by a panel of local and national representatives that are actively promoting the inclusion of local voices in national development dialogues. The panelists will explore how and to what extent local actions inform national policies and programs and discuss ways of making the “bottom” more strategic in its push to drive the national development agenda.

The outcome of this session will feed into the upcoming High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation, to take place from 28 November-2 December.

More information and registration
For more information about the full programme of the congress, click here. The registration deadline for the UCLG Bogotá World Congress is September 15. Please do not forget to register!