Today, terms such as the so-called new normal, pandemic, COVID-19, lockdown, collapse, complex emergencies or multiple transitions are used on a daily basis all over the world. We are witnessing an unprecedented multiple crisis that, due to its global and multidimensional scope, exceeds all limits, shaking the foundations on which our societies have been built in recent decades. We urgently need to think about how to build a new model of healthy and sustainable development that guarantees the life of the planet and of all the people who inhabit and will inhabit it. Faced with this reality, the Observatory on Decentralized Cooperation EU-LA wanted to focus on how to rethink decentralised cooperation in this context of uncertainties and multiple transitions. It is urgent to promote decentralised cooperation that contributes to another development model far removed from the one that has led us to the current scenario. This study is a result of the last annual conference of the Observatory on Decentralized Cooperation EU-LA, made with the help of PHARE, in which you can find many of the reflections that took place, some of the statements of many of the people who took part and the main conclusions and recommendations. In the last part of the study, you will find the recommendations specifically addressed to the Observatory that emerged from the conference and that the Observatory assumes as their own challenges to guide their work and their commitment to courageous and transformative decentralised cooperation. The study is available in English, French and Spanish.
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