In early 2022, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Learning invited the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) to review the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration (MC2CM) project in terms of how monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) can help capture outcomes from peer-learning. MEL is an important component of the EIP’s work since 2020 (Box 1), and applying it to a city-to-city peer-learning initiative represented a new opportunity for the EIP. For its part, UCLG Learning has a track record of using peer-topeer (P2P) methods with cities and municipalities (UCLG Learning, 2023).1 This report results from the EIP-UCLG partnership to review the P2P learning approaches of the MC2CM project. The partnership gives EIP members insights into the innovative P2P learning models developed by UCLG and lets them consider the modalities and actors that can implement new and learning-based approaches to development co-operation.
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