October 31, 2014

 On October 31 the first World Cities Day will be celebrated! The UN Economic and Social Council has asked all UN member states, relevant international organisations, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to celebrate the World Cities Day, thereby focusing on the challenges posed by urbanisation. The theme of this years World Cities Day is Leading Urban Transformations. 

Humanity is at a crossroads, undergoing a major urban shift that is transforming our world. Urbanization has become an inevitable process that presents tremendous challenges, with cities frowing at unprecendented rates in many nations. Nevertheless, unbanization should be seen as an opportunity to harness cities as engines of growth, and to lead a positive transformation towards sustainable development. 

Urban transformation is inevitable: it will continue, for better or worse. If not critically reexamined, ubranization will continue to propagate negative trends, including: increased segragation, inequality, and environmental degradation. World Cities Day reminds us about the critical role that urbanization plays in development.

Leading Urban Transformation is about redifining the urban paradigm for future generations. It is about empowering people to contribute to creative solutions that can improve our shared urban future. It is about innovation and new ideas to bring about the city we need and the future we want.


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World Cities Day is organised by UN Habitat, if you want to know more about World Cities Day and the ways your organization can participate in its celebration, please check out their website