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March 25, 2020     cib    

This new publication by VVSG highlights 40 examples of how your municipality can integrate SDGs into its international activities. This publication aims to inspire local governments, and by extension anyone engaging in international partnerships. It presents ideas and methods for the integration of the SDGs into international partnerships through awareness raising activities, policy exercises, work visits and by introducing them in your partnership programme.

The publication illustrates that SDGs do not only provide opportunities for working on sustainable development within the own municipal borders using a transversal approach; they are also a good framework for the international activities of your municipality. International city-to-city partnerships (also called twinnings) can benefit from the SDGs. The content for this publication was provided by Flemish civil servants that coordinate global city-to-city partnerships. The VVSG organised various workshops to gather the methods and ideas set out in this publication

The publication is available in English and Spanish, and will soon be translated to French. You can find this inspirational guide on the VVSG website (under section d. International cooperation) or go to the CIB Library!