July 02, 2020     cib    

Three of ICLD's Advanced International Training Programmes are now open for application, "Women's Political Leadership", "Leadership in Local Governance" and "Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development".

As a participant of their International Training Programme you will have the opportunity to work on a challenge from your own local government, and get support and knowledge from experts, mentors and colleagues from other local governments.


1. “Women’s Political Leadership”

If you are a local political leader in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe, a woman and most importantly, an agent of change – this programme is for you. More info about the Women’s Political Leadership programme.

2. “Leadership in Local Governance”

The training focuses on exploring ways of making governance in the municipality equitable and inclusive. The participants will work on a change project and implement a strategy to make the municipality equitable, participatory, transparent and accountable. More info about the Leadership in Local Governance training programme

3. “Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development”

This 12-month programme focuses on local financial development using principles of equitability, participation and transparency. More information about the programme for Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development.


Please find more information and experiences of former participants on the website of ICLD: https://icld.se/en/article/iclds-international-training-programmes-are-o...