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November 07, 2019     cib    

Many of our organisations are striving to design plans and policies to implement –or localize– the Sustainable Development Goals, both at home and abroad. In all of our international programmes, we aim to build capacity of local governments and their associations and to help facilitate participation in national planning and reporting on development. To what extent can the SDGs help this decentralized cooperation, and vice versa? Is Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development changing the international action of local governments?

The CIB Working Group is launching a study on the interface between the SDGs and decentralized cooperation, with support of the Region of Catalonia. The research aims to come to conclusions about how the sustainable development agenda can help to make our practices more innovative and transformative. The ultimate goal of the study will be to feed into the new training module of UCLG, devoted to SDGs and decentralised cooperation, to assure a good connection with the realities in the field. The research group “La Mundial” is carrying out this assignment and they are asking for input from the CIB community. They invite you to complete the questionnaire in either English, French or Spanish before the 29th of November.

For more background information, you can have a look at the briefing and presentation of researcher Pablo Martínez Osés. The presentation (ENG + ES) and the briefing can be accessed below.

Should you have any further comments, questions or suggestions, please contact our expert via or ask CIB.