September 02, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the critical role of local and regional governments on the frontline of crises. It has also reaffirmed solidarity as a core value of these governments. In order to further boost international solidarity and thereby help the most vulnerable populations, the UCLG Executive Bureau decided on the establishment of a cooperation budget line within the UCLG budget of 2020 during its meeting in May. The UCLG Working Group on Territorial Prevention and Management of Crisis is proposing to add this to an international fund. Learn more below! 

Expanding of CUF's solidarity fund
The UCLG Working Group on Territorial Prevention and Management of Crises is proposing to expand the work of CUF's existing solidarity fund  to an international fund which could also build on the cooperation budget line approved by the UCLG Executive Bureau. The objective of this international fund would be to foster concrete solidarity and cooperation actions to local and regional governments affected by a crisis and to propose sustainable actions to build back better based on the extensive experience of the different parts of the global network.

Next steps with regard to the international fund: a virtual meeting on 2 September
In order to discuss how to organize such an international fund and to seek coordination with key partners, a virtual meeting will be organised on 2 September. This meeting is organized by the UCLG Working Group on Territorial Prevention and Management of Crisis, under the leadership of its Chair, the Mayor of Geneva, and with the support of CUF.

For any further questions you might have and to confirm your interest in attending the meeting, please write to the Secretariat of the Working Group at the following email:  (please put in copy).

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