July 30, 2020
Jul 30,2020 1:30PM

 Jul 30,2020 2:45PM

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated health risks for individuals experiencing homelessness and has put more Americans, especially housing insecure individuals and individuals with co-occurring health challenges, at greater risk. Survivors of domestic violence, youth and individuals with substance use, mental health challenges or justice system involvement confront additional significant barriers. Many cities have stepped up to temporarily house vulnerable residents, but face unique challenges related to budget, capacity, and public health moving forward. 

As cities shift toward longer-term response efforts, this webinar presents an opportunity to learn from city leaders who have implemented holistic approaches to supporting the health of residents at high risk of experiencing homelessness.

Speakers will include:

  • Mayor Steve Allender, City of Rapid City, SD 
  • Marc Eichenbaum, Special Assistant to the Mayor for Homeless Initiatives, City of Houston, TX
  • Barbie Robinson, Director of the Department of Health Services, County of Sonoma, CA

Moderated by Nicola Smith-Kea, Criminal Justice Manager, Arnold Ventures

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