November 29, 2017

CIB work plan 2018 consultations

Dear CIB members,

Following our circular from last week and the reactions we have received, we would like to announce that the consultation on the CIB work plan 2018 will take place on 29 November from 3 pm – 4:30 pm (CET).

If you have not indicated your availability yet but would like to participate in this call – please let us know. You will receive a link to the conference call prior to the call.

Quick reminder about this call:

We will not be able to implement this work plan without your active involvement. We therefore invite you to participate in the conference call to react to the work plan attached and to help us prioritize. Also, if our priorities are in line with your needs, we will be able to make sure to be as efficient and meaningful as possible. We would hope that you can also indicate in which parts of the work plan you see a role for your organization, for example in supporting other LGAs in preparing for the High Level Political Forum, as we discussed in Durban, or in participating in coordination efforts or M&E&L exchange.

We look forward to further discuss the plans for the coming year with you!