June 30, 2014

Political and high level government learning institute Goberna America Latina, in conjunction with the Municipality of Barcelona, will be hosting the event Agora of Cities in Barcelona on July 1st, 2014. The purpose of this event is to create a meeting space for mayors and other officials of major cities worldwide (with particular emphasis on Latin American cities), in the hopes that this will stimulate discussion on local government and local government exchange and activities. The theme of this meeting is "Political leadership for global cities", and topics to be discussed include conflict resoluation, the new role of cities in the international arena and innovation in intelligent territories. 


For more information on the programme for this event, please follow this link (Spanish only). 


The website (Spanish only) of Goberna America Latina also provides detailed information on the last Agora of Cities, held on April 12th 2013 in the Museum of History of Barcelona. Up to date information on this year's meeting, as well as contact information,  will also be provided via the website.