ALGA Academy: Recent Learning, Training, Capacity Building and Peer Learning activities in Africa

November 16, 2020     cib    

For the period under review and taking into account the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Academy focused its efforts on digitalization and online activities to enable UCLG-Africa to remain connected with its Members, Networks and Partners.

The main activities carried out focused on :

1.  Enlargement of the UCLG-Africa Partner Network through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) established in South Africa.

The City of Barcelona reinforces its support to the Middle East

July 11, 2017     cib    

Cities and regions throughout the world are raising their stakes in humanitarian support, realising that foreign action is a responsibility of all levels of government. The City of Barcelona’s activities in Lebanon and Jordan are a good example of the power that resides in cities to reach out and support foreign cities and regions by sharing both resources and local expertise.

UCLG-Africa opens African Local Governments Academy (ALGA)

February 22, 2017     cib    

December 2016 saw the official opening ceremony of the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA), an institute that aims to become a "genuine strategic lever and a UCLG-Africa spearhead for the professionalisation and the performance of human capital within the African territories". Key activities include monitoring of HR management at the local level, trainings and support to networks at the local level.

New Urban Agenda and Bogotá Commitment underline importance of capacity and institution building

November 07, 2016     cib    

From 17-20 October, the city of Quito, Ecuador, was the stage for one of the most important international events for local governments for the next two decades, HABITAT III, where representatives of national, subnational and local governments adopted the New Urban Agenda.

Information Management Support by the Institute for Quality of Dutch Municipalities (KING)

May 26, 2015     cib    

The Dutch Institute for Quality of Dutch Municipalities (KING) launched their renewed This website offers a lot of data and information on all of the Dutch municipalities and offers possibilities to take a look at statistics on 15 themes. It provides municipalities the possibility to gain insight in multiple indicators on several societal areas such as livelihood, saftely, youth and health issues. Even though all the information is in Dutch only, it is an example worth sharing.

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