July 07, 2022     cib    

Following a long, consultative process, the CIB leadership and secretariat, together with the UCLG policy team, presented a draft policy paper on the Role of Local Governments in Development Cooperation to the UCLG Executive Bureau on 15 June. We are proud to announce here that the members of the Executive Bureau took note of the updates on the draft policy paper and agreed to recommend its adoption to the next WorldCouncil in Daejeon, during the 7th edition of the UCLG World Congress.

Next steps

Now that we are one step closer to adoption of the draft policy paper, it becomes even more important to develop an ambitious and inspiring implementation plan, to make sure that CIB members and other local governments and associations take the necessary steps to move forward, along other development partners. Senior expert Sebastien Hamel will develop this implementation plan in the months to come. We foresee to organize a high-level event in Daejeon where CIB members present both the policy paper and its implementation plan to the broader organization and partners. 

Another important follow-up action is the finalization of case studies, which can accompany the paper and implementation plan. these will be prepared by the CIB secretariat, based on all the input of members from previous years. We might come back to you on this, to check that all information is still valid and relevant. These case studies will be an excellent opportunity for your organization to showcase your work, within the framework of UCLG. 

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Source of photo: UCLG