March 20, 2014     cib    
UN Berlin

In preparation of the fourth UN Development Cooperation Forum on 10-11 July 2014, a High-Level Symposium will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 20-21 March 2014, as for a local governments meeting on the 19th of March.

The High-Level Symposium will focus on "Accountable and effective development cooperation in a post-2015 era". Main questions that will be asserted during the meetings are:

  1. Which efforts by different stakeholders in making development cooperation more effective and coherent and accountable have shown greatest impact and why?
  2. How could quality and effectiveness in development cooperation be usefully featured in a post-2015 development agenda?
  3. How can a global monitoring and accountability architecture be designed to engage the range of actors and support the implementation of the renewed global partnership for development, in a more coherent, effective and legitimate manner?
  4. How can accountability mechanisms at all levels best support global accountability and be more people-centered, aligned and transparent, tapping the potential of technology and the data revolution?

Representatives of the UCLG Champions on Local Government for Development will attend the meetings to discuss the topics above, and to carry out the promotion of the key messages of the UCLG Policy Paper on Development Cooperation and Local Governments.

For more information on the UN High-Level Symposium, 19-21 March 2014. 
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