November 17, 2022     cib    

Following the adoption of the new UCLG-CIB policy paper, the CIB secretariat will carry out different concrete activities, to ensure enlarged awareness of the existence and content of the policy paper, in the months to come. Read more below: 

Meetings with your staff
The CIB secretariat wants to inform the CIB member organisations on the existence and content of the policy paper, and enter into dialogue with you and your team on how we can concretely work on the calls to action mentioned in the paper. We have prepared an outline for a 45 minute meeting with you and your team, ready to use! Do you want to 'book' such a meeting? Please email

Search for new Champions of Development
To be able to spread the word about the new policy paper on development cooperation of local governments, we are looking for new political Champions of Development. Some of you might remember that we installed a pool of such Champions after the launch of the previous UCLG-CIB paper on the topic, back in 2014-2015 - this helped greatly for the visibility of the paper in different international meetings. Criteria for becoming a Champion include: 

- you are a local politician
- your local government or local government association is an active member of UCLG
- your local government is actively engaged in decentralised cooperation 
- you are able to and willing to share stories from your local government's cooperation experiences (success stories ánd challenges)
- you are willing to attend online or in-person* international events and congresses, to enter into dialogue on the role of local governments in development cooperation, based on the content of the policy paper
- you are able to and willing to sit at the table with high-level officials from national governments and the international donor community and discuss the calls to action from the policy paper

Do you recognise yourself or one of your politicians? Please get in touch by emailing

* Please note that actual attendance of meetings will depend on available budget.