November 16, 2020     cib    

For the period under review and taking into account the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Academy focused its efforts on digitalization and online activities to enable UCLG-Africa to remain connected with its Members, Networks and Partners.

The main activities carried out focused on :

1.  Enlargement of the UCLG-Africa Partner Network through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) established in South Africa.

2.  Signature of a contract with the IDEO-Factory Cabinet for the implementation of an e-learning platform at the level of UCLG-Africa. Three training paths are being digitized, namely Participatory Budgeting, Delegated Management of Services and Territorial Coaching.

3.  Organization of about twenty coaching and capacity building sessions on the use of online platforms (Zoom and Microsoft teams) for the benefit of UCLG-Africa Members and Networks.


4.   Dissemination of information and documents on online activities and MOOCs for the benefit of Members, Networks and Partners of UCLG-Africa ;

5. Organization, implementation, facilitation and support of some 60 online activities (60), in the form of Forums, Webinars and Conferences at the level of UCLG-Africa, or in partnership, which have benefited more than 7,000 participants and more than 20,000 views on Social Networks:

October 6, 2020: preparation and facilitation of the Online Conference on "Covid-19 and Metropolitan Management: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Crisis" on the occasion of the Celebration of World Metropolis Day, in partnership with UN-Habitat and Metropolis;

-       October 12-14, 2020 : Participation and facilitation of the Virtual Capacity Building Workshop on "Rebuilding and Transforming Governance and Public Administration in Somalia within the framework of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development", in partnership with UNDESA and the School of Public Administration and Management of Somalia.


-      19-21 October 2020: Organization of an Online Capacity Building Workshop on Urban Risk Responsive Planning for Resilient Cities, in partnership with UNDRR and UCLG-Department of Learning;

October 27 and 28, 2020: Organization of a Virtual Campus of Urban Thinkers on the occasion of the Celebration of the World City Day on "Promoting the commitment of Local Authorities and Citizens for the City we need in Africa, at the time of Covid-19 and beyond" with the support of several Partners including UNDESA, Cities Alliance, ICESCO, UNESCO, OIDP-Enda-Ecopop and the City of Rabat. The Action Day was dedicated to Culture and Heritage in coordination with the ACC (African Capitals of Culture).

During the month of October 2020: mobilization of speakers and participants in the series of Webinars organized by the UN Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD) as part of the preparation of the World Forum of Mayors scheduled for November 2020.

Activities in November 

During November, 2020, the main activity of ALGA of UCLG-Africa will be the organization virtually of the 4th edition of its annual African Forum of Territorial Managers and Training Institutes targeting the Local Government (FAMI4) from 23 to 28 November, 2020.  The general theme of the Forum will be " Promoting Effective, Ethical, Transparent, and Accountable  Local Public Institutions in Africa to act and impact the Decade of Action". It's a gathering of all actors and stakeholders involved in the empowerment of Local Governments, Territorial managers, and Training Institutes. Find more information here

For more information and activites: