March 01, 2021 to April 09, 2021
Online / The Hague

With most of the world population living in urban environments, cities have become engines of (economic) development and innovation. But cities also face many of the world’s most pressing challenges, making urban resilience and smart solutions key concepts in the urban governance agenda. This course will discuss crucial questions such as: How can cities adapt and be resilient? What policies and approaches can they apply and how can they finance these? How can cities use data and technology to enhance resilience? 

Course format:

Due to the travel restrictions associated with the Coronavirus outbreak, the format of the course has been adjustedWe are now offering a practice-oriented blended course, consisting of two parts:

Online module: This module will consist of several assignments spread throughout the timeframe provided. This is an opportunity to learn about the topic (while enhancing your online skills in an innovative e-learning environment) and prepare you for the next part of the course.
Dates: 1 March to 9 April, 2021.

Face-to-Face course: Participants will spend eight days in The Netherlands, focusing on study visits, expert presentations, and the exchange of experiences with other participants. We intend to offer this part of the training during the dates stated below, but if this proves not to be possible, it will be postponed to the earliest possibility.
Dates: 21 – 28 June, 2021.

Key Information