April 09, 2020

First session for and by Local Government Associations: multiplying and upscaling of measures!

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, cities all around the world are facing many challenges in terms of health care, economy, housing and mobility. Associations of local governments have been playing a crucial role in this process as they link the central governments and other stake holders with their members. To enable exchange and solidarity between associations and cities, UCLG, UN Habitat and its LGA Forum and Capacity and Institution Building Working Group are launching a Live Learning Experience for associations of local governments on Thursday 9th of April, from 15:00 to 16h30 (GMT +1).  The event will take place on zoom – a link will be shared in the next days.

This Live Learning Experience will highlight the important work that local government associations have been doing to ensure the continuation of the work of local governments. It will also discuss their pivotal role towards the central governments and their contributions to upscaling crisis response efforts of local governments. The ultimate goals is to showcase the value and the power of associations of local and regional governments that ensure various services to their members, also in times of crisis, and finally highlight their innovations.

Guiding questions for the conversation:

  • How is the Coronavirus outbreak impacting the work of local governments and of their associations? (in a selection of countries)
  • What new challenges and opportunities are arising from this crisis, with regard to the work of associations?
  • What measures can be taken by associations to ensure involvement of local governments in national crisis management teams?
  • How to start new partnerships with the private sector and other stakeholders, as local government(s) (associations)?  

For more information contact policy@uclg.org or visit the website https://www.uclg.org/en/issues/live-learning-experience-beyondtheoutbreak.