METROPOLIS Webinar in French on Internationalisation and Metropolitan Spaces - 25 November

November 03, 2020     cib    

Currently, the management of local policies and the exercising of their competences by local governments implies the need to generate bonds with international actors and their insertion in that sphere. Additionally, international agendas define scenarios where an act of representation, visibility, and influence must be put into practice, taking into account the effects and challenges presented by the decisions made to these instances on the local sphere.

Metropolis: Megacities - more vulnerable, but crucial to providing solutions in times of crisis

July 06, 2020     cib    

Celebrate World Metropolitan Day: sign up before September 7th

September 02, 2019     cib    

The World Metropolitan Day campaign calls on local and regional authorities across the world to organize an event on October 7th to bring together the representatives of the different levels of government that operate in the same metropolitan area, and promote open discussions about the pressing issues that they face together, as part of a metropolitan community.

Register to CIB webinar on ‘Advancing Gender Equality – New roles and new tools for local government’ (April 12)

March 29, 2018     cib    

Municipalities are the level of government closest to people, and every municipality is unique. As such, there are many critical paths that can be followed to advance gender equality. It is at the local level that coherent policies and programs can be developed to address the multiple global challenges affecting all women and men. In many ways, local governments can be leaders and act as a model for gender equality and the empowerment of women to build stronger communities and a stronger world.


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