December 20, 2017     cib    

The CIB Working Group proudly presents a new report on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) practice of CIB members. The reason for this report was to compare the ways in which members integrate these activities in their development cooperation programmes and organization as a whole, to be able to draw lessons learned and learn from each other.

Most ME&L activities remain project based
The report includes practical examples of how CIB members use ME&L in their organization and programmes. The research showcases  that organizations have come to understand the multiple values of ME&L. Project based monitoring, to track the progress of projects and make informed adjustments, still takes precedence over broader and more ambitious designs of ME&L organization-wide.

Another conclusion from the report is that ME&L is still unevenly implemented across the multiple levels of activity within the organizations, but that efforts towards systematization can be observed. There are only a few examples of where there is a dedicated ME&L unit or specialist.

Also, a main conclusion is that organizations are increasingly recognizing the internal learning aspects of the ME&L agenda; learning systems seem to be an emerging area of organizational development. Members see the potential of consolidating a set of policies and procedures that actually inform the organizations’ practices in an integrated fashion.  

Practices of CIB members in the area of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

The CIB Working Group circulated a survey among its members in summer 2017. The results of the survey gave valuable insight in how ME&L are practiced in 19 organizations. Expert Carlos Hernandez Ferreiro analyzed the responses and verified them at the CIB annual meeting, which also provided the opportunity for more in depth interviews.