February 26, 2019     cib    

In 2018, the International Justice and International Cooperation department in Barcelona in Spain carried out an evaluation of the cooperation developed between 2013 and 2017 with the city of Maputo in Mozambique. In this time-frame the second Cooperation MOU was executed in which the civil society of Barcelonea played an important role.

The city to city cooperation between the two cities resulted, among others, in projects that focused on establishing municipal archives & libraries, urban planning & reform, and waste management.  The projects were realized thanks to the collaboration and coordination established with different and diverse actors (e.g. municipal experts, NGO's, universities).

The ex-post evaluation evaluated the criteria impact, sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness. The goals was to gain knowledge that can be applicable for future collaborations between Barcelona and Maputo as well as other cities. The report thas has been drafted will be translated to Portuguese and English in the next months. The audio-visual material is available here.

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