September 29, 2022     cib    

On behalf of the Co-Chairs of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC), we are pleased to inform partner country governments that registration is NOW OPEN for expressing your country’s interest in participating in the new Global Partnership monitoring exercise from 2023.

The new exercise supports stronger development outcomes through a virtuous circle of inclusive dialogue, collective accountability, tracking results and agreeing on actions. It offers many benefits for partner country governments:

  • Produces data and evidence to empower decision-making in development co-operation and to hold partners accountable to ensure effectiveness commitments are met with action;
  • Supports SDG reporting by providing data to report on 3 SDG targets;
  • Serves as an entry point to start or to strengthen dialogue with the private sector, civil society and others;
  • Offers a strong foundation to guide the actions of development partners;
  • Builds capacity in the government in the areas of aid effectiveness, monitoring & evaluation, information management and partner coordination.

The new monitoring is the product of an extensive, inclusive, and transparent consultation process. The 2022 Effective Development Co-operation Summit, taking place from 12-14 December in Geneva - Switzerland, is thus the moment for cementing and revitalizing political commitments to the principles of development effectiveness, as well as to collectively commit to the new monitoring when it resumes in 2023.

During the run-up to the Summit, register your country’s intention to undertake the Global Partnership monitoring exercise. This will contribute to generating global political momentum as we transform the way we work together.