January 03, 2019     cib    

The Association of German Cities has been working on a tool to measure the impact of SDGs at the local level. The goal of this ‘SDG Portal’ is intended to help local authorities identify needs for action on the way to sustainable development. In doing so, a focus is placed on those SDG sub goals that can generally be classified as relevant for the German community.   

Users can type in the name of the municipality on the homepage and then see the relevant data linked to the different SDGs. Just try to type the name of a German city to see their respective indicators and whether the numbers/data are stagnating, improving or not (year 2015 is the base). You can also add another municipality to see a direct comparison. 

This tool is part of the project "SDG indicators for municipalities" which is jointly supported by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research, the German County Association, the German Association of Cities, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, and the German Institute for Urban Affairs and Global Engagement. 

The aim of the joint project is to identify suitable indicators for the mapping and verification of SDG implementation in German cities, districts and municipalities and to provide corresponding data. 

In July 2018, the first project results were published. Subsequently, a trial of the indicators in selected municipalities began. The first tests will be evaluated in early 2019. On the basis of the evaluation, the indicators will be further developed.

For more information please visit the (German) website: www.sdg-portal.de