August 26, 2015     cib    

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has launched a new five-year program, “Sustainable and Inclusive Communities in Latin America” (CISAL, 2015-2019, $20 million), funded by the Canadian government’s department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. The objective of CISAL is to strengthen local governments in Colombia and Peru in their management of the impacts and benefits from mining development, as well as to train them to play a leading role in building more sustainable, resilient and inclusive communities. A core component of the program will be a peer-to-peer learning mechanism, in which officials from Canadian municipalities with experience in the mining sector will share their experiences and strategies with partner local governments in four regions in Colombia and Peru. In addition to mobilizing Canadian expertise, CISAL will draw from local government experiences in Colombia and Peru as well other parts of Latin America, such as Chile and Mexico, to foster learning and collaboration between regions and sectors. Examples of Canadian good practices to be shared can be found in the policy brief which was published at the start of the programme: English version & Spanish version