July 01, 2019     cib    

As you might recall, last years’ CIB annual meeting saw a discussion on monitoring and evaluation of programmes of CIB members. In that discussion, the idea arose to organize a peer evaluation for one of more of our programmes, in view of the difficult experiences with external evaluations. The Flemish Association of Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) has made it possible to include 2 or 3 peer evaluators from the CIB network, in the mid-term evaluation of two of the country programmes of their subsidy programme (subsidized by DGD, which is the federal government of Belgium).

We are now looking for 2-3 peer evaluators for both Benin (evaluation mission takes place in December 2019) and Ecuador (evaluation mission takes place in Spring 2020).

Read more about the programme, the peer evaluation process, the required skills and experience and the selection process here.