June 23, 2021
We are excited to hereby share with you the official CIB Working Group’s publication Capacity Building for Gender Equality at the local level: Understanding the environment an learning from good practices! The study aims to provide an overview and an inventory, highlighted by concrete cases, of what is happening in the field of promoting gender equality in the international work of the UCLG membership. And there is happening a lot, not least due to the tremendous impact the coronavirus pandemic has on the position of women and girls. Precisely because of this changing context, we were determined to finalize the publication and share our collective insights on this important topic with you.
Quick recap: background information on the publication
Early 2020, the CIB Working Group Secretariat started working on a study concerning gender equality at the local level. With this publication we explored how UCLG’s political gender strategy can be included in the many of our projects and programmes. At the same time, we hope that it provides instruments and tools that will help our members to implement gender strategies in their work. Therefore, we produced a brochure, consisting of guidelines, technical tools as well as twelve case studies, composed to demonstrate how local government development cooperation projects can concretely improve gender equality at both the local and regional level.
Make sure to join the launch of the CIB Working Group’s publication on gender equality – Wednesday 23 June 15.00-16.15 CEST
Now the publication is made available, we would like to invite you for the official launch of the gender equality brochure on Wednesday 23 June, 15.00-16.15 CEST. During the session, different speakers involved in the process will be given the floor for sharing their views and contribute to the general discussion. Three case studies will also be presented to hear everything about these best practises. It promises to be an interactive session, so make sure to bring your thoughts, questions and visions on the topic of gender equality!
Please register here if you are interested in participating.